Contract in one business day; Test and interconnect within 24 hours; Live traffic to fill up your capacity; Instant feedback; Short payment terms; 24/7 instant support

Live chat, individual approach to your needs, personal account manager, assistance in configuration and equipment set up; only essential paperwork

Financial discipline, payments before due date, traffic filtering, flexible payment methods, capacity and quality management, traffic stability and growth


About Us

eKum Pte. Ltd. is a young and dynamic provider of communications services established under the law of Singapore government. eKum has been offering international long distance communication services to carriers around the world since 2009. Our success is built around eKum’s robust international network that has been developed through partnerships and relationships in more than 200 countries. We currently provide service to approximately 250 global long distance carrier customers, and partner with more than 300 service partners around the world. We are very strong in Asian, African, Middle East and Latin American for retail, wholesale and Call Center traffic.

The eKum network is powered by VOS3000. This infrastructure provides crystal clear interconnections to our customers. We also have integrated a best of breed real-time revenue management system into our network to provide vendors and customers direct access to their route usage with statistical reporting.

We offer:

  • Highly competitive international rates with excellent quality and reliability
  • Approximately 100 million minutes of completed calls every month
  • More than 250 direct routes on our robust network
  • Ability to have new customers and vendors on our network in less than 24 hours
  • A highly trained team of experts is working for eKum round the clock